Powerhouse golf chargers, are exceptionally designed to ensure your golf batteries are taken care of while charging. Based on the latest technological advances, it provides intelligent charging mechanism that decides what rate the batteries must be charged based on how full they are. Being intelligent they can be left on charge for long durations without any fear of over-charging. It keeps batteries in their best condition.

Charger - 9A 24V High Capacity

Charger – 9A 24V High Capacity

This charger follows a 3-stage fully intelligent charging system which is as follows:

Stage 1 Charger Equalizes batteries
First and foremost, the charger accesses the state of charge in each of the battery. Thereafter it charges and equalizes the batteries.
Stage 2 Charger controls rate of charge
This unique system has the ability to charge in accordance to the prior results. It adjusts the input power depending on the current charge present. This helps to reduce the rate of drop of charge.
Stage 3
After charging, the batteries are constantly monitored and keep battery topped up on trickle or floating charge. On completion of the charge the input current is reduced to a nominal amount. A very tiny charge is added to the batteries as and when it is needed. This allows the charger to remain connected the batteries for long periods of time, keeping the batteries in tip-top condition.
Charger has the following features:
• Unique LCD display or meter
• Automatic multi-rate charger
• Reverse polarity protection
• Intelligent temperature compensation
• Overload protection
• Short-circuit protection

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