Designed exclusively for a demanding golfer, this golf buggy known as the Titan Series Golf Buggy is powerful, stable and sturdy. It is easy to handle and can maneuver easily on demanding golf courses with ease. Loaded with Lithium power, it requires just one 18 hole lithium battery. This helps to reduce weight drastically because if lead acid batteries were used, it would require the golfer to load 2 lead acid batteries weighing 45kgs. It also helps save space.
Titan-S operates through conventional steering wheel that has 3 light battery management system. The forward and reverse switch is operated using a key switch whereas the acceleration is controlled using a single foot pedal. The extra power is controlled by the 4 large fairway tyres which provide excellent grip and exceptional performance over difficult terrains. The twisting chassis helps to make the buggy stable. The four wheels are firmly grounded and the buggy can be quickly dismantles to fit any hatchback.

18-27 Hole Golf Trolley LiFePO4 Lithium Battery(16ah 12v)

18-27 Hole Golf Trolley LiFePO4 Lithium Battery(16ah 12v)


• 18-Hole Lithium battery delivers
• Exceptional power
• Conventional Steering Wheel Column
Fully automatic brakes
• ‘Twisting’ Chassis
• Foot Pedal speed control
Fully dismantles
Steel gears for extended durability
Fully adjustable driving position

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