Leoch is a battery company which carries out research and development in the field of batteries and specialists in the field of lead acid batteries. This makes them the most significant player in the market for replacement batteries. All its batteries are safe to use and specially developed such the there are no maintenance requirements. It is endowed with a sealed case that is spill proof and can resist any vibrations or impacts that it can encounter. This high performing battery is developed to provide an excellent experience to the golfer such that it meets all the demands of the golf course.
Offered with a 12C28AH capacity, it comes with a 12 month warranty and has an 18 hole capacity and a T-Bar connection.

Battery - 28Ah Standard (Leoch)

Battery – 28Ah Standard (Leoch)

Charging method adopted is as follows:
• Ensure that all the connections are in place
• Do not leave a battery connected to a charger with the power switched off.
• Make sure that the batter is disconnected from charger after use.
• It is recommended that the battery be charged after a game of golf.
• Leaving a battery on charge all the time can cause damage if the charger develops a fault and keeps charging. Electric storms and power cuts can also affect the performance of the charger.

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