Golf trolley batteries are not similar to cell phones; they need to be suitably cared for to get maximum life. Daily recharge the batteries after use. If possible, golf batteries should be charged between rounds.

A golf trolley battery is charged using a battery charger that changes the chemical composition inside the battery. Before charging, examine all termination for frayed conductors and damaged or loose connector. Maintain the terminals and connections clean. A terminal cleaner or wire brush will do the trick. If the batteries are covered with acid, sprinkle baking soda over the top and wash away with water. Look over all termination to assure that they are corrosion free and fixed firmly to the battery post.

In winter temperatures, a fully charged battery will not freeze. In the “off season” the batteries stored in an unheated covered area. Before storing, it should be fully charged and disconnected from the charger. During the “off Season”, test out the batteries at thirty – day intervals, recharge and disconnect charger after charging. For the period of “off season” storage, another thing to keep in mind is that do not leave the charger connected to the vehicle.

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