When it comes to golf clothing think lightweight high-performance golf shirts and pants. The majority golf courses have dress codes regulating suitable clothing. Most clubs and courses will not allow golfers to wear t-shirts or jeans, insisting instead on trousers and a collared shirt. Try to find stretchable, breathable fabrications for unobstructed movement on the greens. Now there available different types of technological fabrics that not only help you look best but assist you with comfort on the course.

Nike Lunar II - WHT/SLV/ANT - Golf Shoes

Nike Lunar II – WHT/SLV/ANT – Golf Shoes

Similar to clothing, golf shoes are also very important, especially if you are a professional player. Wear comfortable shoes to protect your feet from pain. Due to the very intricate nature of a golf stroke, a firm base is significant for golf shoes. Make sure that the shoes are comfortable providing traction and rigidity. Having a good swing is vital to attain a good score. If there is feet ache due to walking, you can’t have good swing.

Sligo O'Brien Pull Over Vest

Sligo O’Brien Pull Over Vest

While golfing plaid is not compulsory, clothes and shoes should be appropriate to the weather. Look for breathable fabrics designed to wick away sweat. Additionally, a hat will serve you well to keep the sun out of your eyes and hair.

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