Leoch is a battery company which carries out research and development in the field of batteries and specialists in the field of lead acid batteries. This makes them the most significant player in the market for replacement batteries. All its batteries are safe to use and specially developed such the there are no maintenance requirements. It is endowed with a sealed case that is spill proof and can resist any vibrations or impacts that it can encounter. This high performing battery is developed to provide an excellent experience to the golfer such that it meets all the demands of the golf course.
Offered with a 12C28AH capacity, it comes with a 12 month warranty and has an 18 hole capacity and a T-Bar connection.

Battery - 28Ah Standard (Leoch)

Battery – 28Ah Standard (Leoch)

Charging method adopted is as follows:
• Ensure that all the connections are in place
• Do not leave a battery connected to a charger with the power switched off.
• Make sure that the batter is disconnected from charger after use.
• It is recommended that the battery be charged after a game of golf.
• Leaving a battery on charge all the time can cause damage if the charger develops a fault and keeps charging. Electric storms and power cuts can also affect the performance of the charger.

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Trojan’s deep-cycle absorbed glass mat (AGM) maintenance-free batteries are batteries that provide optimum performance. Developed exceptionally, these batteries contain a separator of glass fibers serves to isolate the positive and negative plates while acting as a blotter to absorb the electrolyte. Robust plates help in extending the life of these batteries. A computer-generated grid design is present for high-power density and to arrest the battery’s flame and a one-way pressure relief vent prevents buildup of excessive pressure. These batteries are temperature tolerant, shock resistant, have low current discharge and excellent charging efficiency.

Battery - 26ah Ex Premium

Battery – 26ah Ex Premium

These 12 volt AGM series batteries are intended mainly for solar and other renewable energy systems. AGM batteries are all maintenance free as they are sealed and do not require water. The battery terminals are automotive and has a case made of polypropylene.
Charging tips
• Store & operate your batteries in a cool, dry place
• Charge your batteries fully before use
• Do allow your batteries to remain idle without charge
• If you are required to store your batteries for an extended period, make sure you charge it every 3 months
• Monitor the battery voltage and gravity of the electrolyte regularly to verify full recharging.

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Specially designed to fit the battery bay of Powerhouse Pro range of single seat Golf buggies, this battery can also be used on all makes and models of single seat buggies using a 24V system with a simple modification to wiring.

18 Hole Golf Buggy LiFePO4 Lithium Battery (24v 18-27 hole)

18 Hole Golf Buggy LiFePO4 Lithium Battery (24v 18-27 hole)

Weighing only 7.5 kgs, it comes in the following measurement (W)160mm x (L)250mm x (H)200mm (6.25″ x 10″ x 8″).When compared to 80 ah lead batteries this is light weight as only one lithium battery is required. In case of lead batteries, two of them are required and the total weight for them comes to around 45 kgs.

With its advanced design, this lithium battery is fully protected by a sophisticated specially designed battery management system that constantly monitors every cell to ensure the lithium battery is always optimised for best performance and life.

The charging system is designed efficiently making it a quick charger. A flat battery can be fully charged in just 8 hours. This battery comes with its own charger. Highly efficient, this battery has a life expectancy of 1000 cycles and is suitable for all powerhouse golf buggies. It comes with a manufacturing warranty of 2 years.

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Designed exclusively for a demanding golfer, this golf buggy known as the Titan Series Golf Buggy is powerful, stable and sturdy. It is easy to handle and can maneuver easily on demanding golf courses with ease. Loaded with Lithium power, it requires just one 18 hole lithium battery. This helps to reduce weight drastically because if lead acid batteries were used, it would require the golfer to load 2 lead acid batteries weighing 45kgs. It also helps save space.
Titan-S operates through conventional steering wheel that has 3 light battery management system. The forward and reverse switch is operated using a key switch whereas the acceleration is controlled using a single foot pedal. The extra power is controlled by the 4 large fairway tyres which provide excellent grip and exceptional performance over difficult terrains. The twisting chassis helps to make the buggy stable. The four wheels are firmly grounded and the buggy can be quickly dismantles to fit any hatchback.

18-27 Hole Golf Trolley LiFePO4 Lithium Battery(16ah 12v)

18-27 Hole Golf Trolley LiFePO4 Lithium Battery(16ah 12v)


• 18-Hole Lithium battery delivers
• Exceptional power
• Conventional Steering Wheel Column
Fully automatic brakes
• ‘Twisting’ Chassis
• Foot Pedal speed control
Fully dismantles
Steel gears for extended durability
Fully adjustable driving position

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Powerhouse golf chargers, are exceptionally designed to ensure your golf batteries are taken care of while charging. Based on the latest technological advances, it provides intelligent charging mechanism that decides what rate the batteries must be charged based on how full they are. Being intelligent they can be left on charge for long durations without any fear of over-charging. It keeps batteries in their best condition.

Charger - 9A 24V High Capacity

Charger – 9A 24V High Capacity

This charger follows a 3-stage fully intelligent charging system which is as follows:

Stage 1 Charger Equalizes batteries
First and foremost, the charger accesses the state of charge in each of the battery. Thereafter it charges and equalizes the batteries.
Stage 2 Charger controls rate of charge
This unique system has the ability to charge in accordance to the prior results. It adjusts the input power depending on the current charge present. This helps to reduce the rate of drop of charge.
Stage 3
After charging, the batteries are constantly monitored and keep battery topped up on trickle or floating charge. On completion of the charge the input current is reduced to a nominal amount. A very tiny charge is added to the batteries as and when it is needed. This allows the charger to remain connected the batteries for long periods of time, keeping the batteries in tip-top condition.
Charger has the following features:
• Unique LCD display or meter
• Automatic multi-rate charger
• Reverse polarity protection
• Intelligent temperature compensation
• Overload protection
• Short-circuit protection

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